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     For more than 40 years, I have been fascinated to learn the powerful connection between the food we eat and how we feel. I became committed to this matter as I searched for a safe haven, after a family crisis began to unfold in the early months of 1970.
Janet Jacks Janet Jacks has been intrigued by the food/health connection for over 40 years. In the early years of marriage, Janet's husband, Scott, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, the same disease that his father suffered and died with at the young age of 57. Determined not to let her husband follow the same path, and motivated to help prevent her children from developing diabetes due to their genetics, Janet set out to find ways to heal the body and prevent disease naturally.

Her years of research led her to food as the key to health. Her passion for this connection, and the positive results she and Scott witnessed and felt when they changed what they ate, led Janet to want to share this powerful information with others. Out of this passion, Goodness Me! Natural Food Market was born and Lifewatchers (the 10 week healthy living program) came to be and became a renowned success for almost 15 years and thousands of participants. Based on this success and knowledge, Janet wrote Discover the Power of Food: The 10 Week Plan to Transform Your Life. This book consolidates Janet's 40 years of experience and research, dozens of years of success, and the latest nutritional information into one life-changing book complete with practical tips and tools and over 100 healthy recipes to get you started.

Having founded Goodness Me!, Janet continues to be involved in the business by leading classes, courses, and workshops on relevant health topics. She also hosts her own radio program, Just For The Health Of It, on AM900CHML every Saturday morning from 8-9am, on which she interviews health experts, authors, and researchers on the latest nutritional findings. And, now, she has published Discover the Power of Food. Her two passions live on: cooking new healthy recipes, over 100 of which are in the book, and teaching others about the power of food.

Janet lives in Hamilton, Goodness Me!'s hometown, with her husband Scott (who continues to thrive and enjoy the Discover the Power plan). They have five healthy children and ten grandchildren.

     I invite you to Discover the Power of Food for yourself. Might it motivate you to experience the transformation for yourself, and more importantly, give you all the practical tools you need to create your own success story, too. I'll be waiting to hear about yours.

Author Janet Jacks
Janet Jacks

Janet Jacks is the founder of Goodness Me!, creator of Lifewatchers, and writer of Discover the Power of Food.